Friday, June 12, 2020


Do a pushup circuit and take care of the technique to strengthen the upper part.

Not everything has to be chaos this quarantine by the new coronavirus. We present the lizard circuit so that you see more positive results in a short time, We assure you that you will be quarantined with a strengthened upper body.

The push-ups or push-ups are one of the most basic and accessible for all public exercises, but master them is not always easy, especially as the pillar of this movement are the elbows and shoulders.

The perfect lizard technique

Avoid injuries by controlling your technique. You will have seen in the gym or the sports, friends who do the 'strange' movement. Either a lot of hip or a lot of elbows. Take care of the following key points:

1. The palms of the hands should be just below the shoulders.

2. Keep the body in a straight line from heels to head and without bending at the waist.

3. Keep your back straight.

4. When you are slapping lizards, the momentum should be explosive. Otherwise, take your time to get on and off. Unless you're trying to break the record.

5. You must contract the core so that the whole body moves as one piece.

6. Avoid flexing the elbow or supinating the forearm outward.

The lizard circuit for quarantine

No one may get bored with the push-ups. The reason is simple: you can increase the challenge with some modifications. This is the lizard circuit by Andy Speer, creator of Men's Health's Anarchy Arms workout.

The following is just a series, do between five and 10 to feel how you work your chest, biceps, and triceps. Try to perform each series without rest:

1. Push-ups on vertical dumbbells 

Rest your hands on two dumbbells, placed vertically, and do 10 push-ups.

2. Lizard and dumbbell row

Put two dumbbells on the floor and lean on both ends. When you go up do the rowing movement alternating each arm. Do 10 reps.

3. Dumbbell push-ups

Put two dumbbells on the floor and lean on the grips, when you go up, do a hammer flex with each arm. Do 10 lizards.

If you do this lizard circuit regularly, you will see how you progress. If you only did five series the first time, try to always keep that number of rounds, and eventually, you will be able to increase them. You see it, working the upper body and without leaving home.

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