Wednesday, June 10, 2020


After a few years, you need to mature. Here is a list of the most obvious signs that are yelling at you to do it now, please.

You are not the same as a few years ago, and although definitely older is not synonymous with maturity, but a matter of attitude and how you deal with everyday situations, as the years go by it is necessary to show yourself differently.

There are things you need to change. We made a list of the signs that reveal that you need to mature. Do something about it.

1. You need to mature because… You have zero independence
You are the ONLY one among the group of friends who still lives in their parents' house, or you continue to depend absolutely on what they give you. It is a clear signal to fly and leave the nest. At least start paying for your personal items.

2. You need to mature because… You don't have clear goals
The time to experiment and consider giving up everything to join the circus cannot last forever. Start by setting achievable goals and carrying out an action plan.

3. You need to mature because… You are still wrapped up in yourself
Leave that bubble of self-centeredness. 

4. You need to mature because… You are unable to control your impulses
You let yourself go without thinking about the consequences of your actions. Just go to logic before making decisions, don't wait to see the severity of the results.

5. You need to mature because… You don't make commitments
Committing yourself to a goal or a person is not synonymous with deprivation of liberty. It is a must to achieve long-term goals. Contracting an obligation and doing what you can to fulfill it is what will lead you to fulfill all your dreams.

6. You need to mature because… You get drunk without fear of ridicule
In addition to the hangover being a three-day marathon, keep in mind that your public image becomes more valuable as you grow, find a good job, and become a father. Leave binge drinking for special occasions, preferably at home and with trusted people.

7. You need to mature because ... You have been visiting the same places for 10 years
Don't confuse tradition with immaturity. If you go to the same bar you went to in college, accept that the new college students have already relieved you. If you don't know the music and are surprised by how today's women dance, you are probably out of place.

8. You need to mature because… You try to speak with new popular expressions
Chatting with your younger cousins or siblings is exciting, but not too exciting. Acting according to your age is also maturity.

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