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How often do we hear that "drink a glass of stagnant sugar water" or "if I don't train, the tissue turns to fat".

In this blog I will either deny these "fairy tales" and "fairy tales", or find out how true they are.

In each of these articles I will read six of the most listened to urban myths about physical training. As I said, they are among the most listened to, but if there is anything else you would like, do not hesitate to let me know.


Most people think that the body has a clock that counts the minutes of their training or that once you train for only an hour it starts burning calories, making it easier to lose fat.

It's a tricky way, because with the help of the loss of calories, the most important thing is intervening, which is to get regular exercise. A retired person, who has never played sports, is not like a regular sportsman: their recovery from fat burning begins a bit earlier.

Relief for those with less time to train is known to burn almost, the same calories do 8 km in 40 minutes as 8 km per hour.

The reason is simple: the first time corresponds to the top speed (12km / h) and the second the lowest speed (8km / h). Fact: the faster you go, the more energy you need to keep going.

So, if you have less time, setting up more speed to take advantage of the training opportunity will also help you increase capacity, or if your item is not going fast, increase the training time.


This is a very useful excuse for gym clients who leave their athletic practice on it.

Curious myth: muscle-like tissues, which have specialized cells in motion, cannot be converted into final tissues, such as fat.

What happens is that if we do not exercise and continue to eat the same calorie intake, the strips of fiber are lost and the area is full of the outer layer of fat.

If we are not going to do any physical activity or training for a while, we should take care of our diet and save about 15'a a day to do some sort of exercise at home to maintain a slightly leaner shape.

By Francisco de Paula Molina. Physical Training of the Andalusian Center for Study and Training.

As I did in one of our older articles, we dissected those "urban myths" about physical training.


The beauty of the par.

After a comprehensive workout session it is said that when you drink sugar water no intensity will appear.

The only thing that gets to the sugar water is that we have plenty of water after the workout. In addition, this submission is recommended before, during and after training.

This home remedy is the result of the wide acceptance of the idea about lactic acid (produced by exercise, and as a result the acid hardens and cries, sticking like "needles" to the muscles).

As this idea is released, this method may not prevent or cure the severity or symptoms of it, but it can cause basic and gastrointestinal problems.

So, also leaving this myth aside, which really prevents the appearance of stunting from getting regular exercise and getting better, warming up and stretching before and after a game or a workout, in such a way that the muscles will work toward your goal of gaining strength and muscle mass.

4. ADDITIONAL HOURS FOR GYM TECHNOLOGY, OPTIONS (lose fat, gain energy or gain muscle)

This is one of the most widely scattered myths. The most important thing is to have professional help, gain muscle or lose fat, which should prepare you for a good workout to gain strength or gain muscle, especially when we are starting to gain muscle, where the difference between exercises (and that's not too complicated) and length and repetition is enough , to avoid loneliness and risk of injury.

It would not be the first time that a person, preparing himself, came to the injured Andalusian Center and could not introduce himself to the opposition party.

5. READING THE BEST GETTING EASY (you can find muscle tissue)

What we should consider is the percentage of fat, not weight. It's not like weighing 80 kilos with low fat indices, rather than 70 kilos but having a high percentage. Of course, the first case is better.

Since weight gain also means weight gain, and it's not all because of body fat, so you may be lowering your body fat percentage but increasing muscle mass, that is, gaining muscle mass.

Of particular importance is the relationship between the relative weight (muscle mass) and fat mass.

Depending on what kind of training you can gain weight and not necessarily a bad sign. If what we are fixing is for bodybuilding, surely "converting" that fat into muscle mass, we will gain kilos, but nonetheless improve our health and physical function.

So, gaining weight is not a problem, depending on the type of training we do, depending on the training program you can gain muscle mass and lose fat at the same time.

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