Thursday, June 11, 2020


What not to do in a fancy restaurant? It is very likely that you think that we are hardly going to give you any advice that you do not know, after all, you are a Men's Health man. From the newsroom, we tell you that you can surely get more out of this list than you think. So pay close attention.

1. Send congratulations to the chef. Don't even think about asking me to come to your table to congratulate you in person. You are not in the movie Ratatouille.

2. Leave without paying. It may sound like fun, but you're not 15 anymore. The ridicule that you are going to make whether they discover you or not, will be much greater than the benefit you will get for saving yourself a few tickets.

3. Try to bribe the one at the door. Yes, it is very likely that you will see it in the movies, or that you have seen the guy in front of it, but remember that cinema is fiction and that the aforementioned subject will pay a week of your salary as a bribe for having let it pass.

4. Flatulence. Is serious? Do you need an explanation? In addition to becoming the most current person in the place, the business, the appointment, or the purpose for which you are there, it will be automatically canceled.

5. Go to tennis. Is serious. This is one of the few places where you really need to follow the dress-code. Shoes, shirts, jackets, and even a tie can be indispensable.

6. Order takeout food. You are in a place where the concentrate of the right duck lung aroma to the juice of citrus extract measures one square centimeter. There is no way you are going to be hungry.

7. Criticize the choice of your companion. Yes, you are a Men's Health man and your chicken breast with three pieces of lettuce is surely the best choice on the menu. But if your companion wants a hamburger, with double cheese and the whole tray of dessert cakes, you don't have to give a damn.

8. Leave your phone number to the waitress in the account. With the little tip you just left, do you really want me to call you? Better find another target that night.

9. Take a salt shaker or cutlery because "the bill seems expensive". So what are you going for? If you go to an elegant restaurant, it is for that, to be elegant, and that sometimes costs. If you are not willing to pay a good bill, better buy some tacos.

10. Create a scene with your partner. "Dirty clothes are washed at home". It's a restaurant. You find yourself surrounded by people who are closing businesses, starting the road to sex, having a good chat, among many others. The last thing diners want is to hear a couple fighting because your mother-in-law is going to show up for lunch on Sunday and you want to go to the stadium to see your favorite team.

11. Treat the waiter badly. The same and you don't normally, but if at any point in your life you are tempted to be a bit arrogant, just remember that this person is in charge of bringing your food from the kitchen to the table. Think about everything they can do to your food on that journey (some members of the newsroom who worked at some point in their lives as waiters attest).

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